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The title of the artwork is THE SYMBIOSIS OF THE TWIN TIGERS. The concept of these two tigers is the relationship between nature and human technology. Both of these elements are important and need each other. People need technology for a better life and also need nature to survive. Nature and technology must be balanced as they’ll benefit each other. The batik-inspired tiger represents our nature, flora, and fauna. While the black-and-white wiry Toodle tiger represents technology. Due to the current imbalance, they both are incomplete and messy and some of their spots are wiped oud and blurry (represented by white parts and smudgy, blurred pattern parts on both tigers). The golden lines represent the precious and sacred link and the relationship between these twin tigers.

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Dimensions 14.65cm(H) x 6cm(W) x 8.5cm(W)
Material used Base material- plant-based soybean resin and oil. Paint – non-hazardous, toxic-free, water-based paint.
Contents 1x tiger head, 1x pair of tiger hands & legs, 1x tiger tail, 1x certificate of authenticity

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