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Imagine that one day, our future generation can only observe the Malayan tiger in a form of an artificial cybernetic animal. The extinction rate of the Malayan tiger is at a shocking level. According to Sinar Harian (2022), “the population of the Malayan Tiger or Panthera Tigris Jacksoni in the national forest is now reported to be less than 150”. The existence of the Malayan tiger is considered very synonym and special to all Malaysian to the point that our national football team also applied its name as their official nickname. This tiger toy’s artwork has been inspired by the fact that one day, our Malayan tiger can only be preserved as a cybernetic animal. As an alarming message, this work of art will remind us that in the future, the Malayan tiger will face the brink of extinction as a result of our negligence towards its preservation efforts. The final artwork for this tiger toy is a combination of black ink doodles, which showed Malayan tiger cybernetic mucles + abdoments, and the acrylic painted surface represented the original Malayan tiger skin layer based on the artist’s imagination.

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Dimensions 14.65cm(H) x 6cm(W) x 8.5cm(W)
Material used Base material- plant-based soybean resin and oil. Paint – non-hazardous, toxic-free, water-based paint.
Contents 1x tiger head, 1x pair of tiger hands & legs, 1x tiger tail, 1x certificate of authenticity

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